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Gordon Kreplin, photographer and musician

Gordon Kreplin holds both Master Photography and Master Craftsman degrees from the Professional Photographers Association of America.  He is a recipient of international 2009, 2011 and 2012 Photographer of the Year Awards which are earned for excellence in imaging and printing. Gordon also received a Distinguished Photographer award from the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association in 2011 and in March 2014 he was awarded a Kodak Gallery Award for photographic excellence at the Virginia Professional Photographers Association convention in Richmond, VA.

Photography has been a lifelong passion for Gordon, from watching his father develop prints in the dark room when he was small, to photographing his travels in Europe when he was a student, to his present day work as a portrait and art photographer. His vision is to create images that have a clear style, gracefulness and elegance. His first career as a concert guitarist provided the aesthetic tools for understanding color, composition and rhythm in visual art. For Gordon, these are the essence of both music and photography and are the foundation of storytelling.

Kreplin pursues annual continuing education and professional competitions in the photographic arts to continuously refine his craft and develop professionally. Kreplin’s PPA Master Photographer Degree, four years in the making, was awarded officially in January 2012 in New Orleans.  In 2014 he was awarded the Master Craftsman Degree in Phoenix, AZ. He attended (photographic) Judge’s School in 2011 and was accepted as an Affiliate/International judge for PPA this year.

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“Imaging is a reflection of available reality, a process of collaboration, a connectedness with eternal grace, a clarity and elegance that shapes each photograph from capture to print.”
Gordon Kreplin